Saturday, July 19, 2014

A little Story (of a forever moment)

Har insaan ki zindagi main kuch lamhe aese hote hain, jo saari zindagi pe bhari hote hain - Kuch lamhe jo saari zindagi insaan ke saath saath chalte hain, jinhe shayed kabhi maut nahi aati..... Kabhi subah brush kerte, bus main charhte, purhajoom dawat main ya yunhi akele chai peete - aik dum se yun saamne aa khare hote hain, jese bus kal ki baat ho. Us lamhe ki wahi taazgi, wahi khusbu, wahi vibration ......Aese hi aik lamhe ki kahani

There was a time when there was a guy who I truly, deeply, madly loved. We were in a forest, no really, we were in a actual forest, somewhere deep. It was early night time. And I was sitting beside him and we were talking. I cannot tell you how lovely I felt at the time. I was in 2nd year in medical school. He was a year senior. And then it got really late and we lost the way back and he picked me up in his arms (difficult to believe but I was around 50 KG at that point in my life) and it was the most romantic thing ever. I literally felt I was like a feather. To this day, if someone passes by wearing the similar kind of perfume that guy used to wear, I stop in my tracks.  
Oh doctor, aatish tab jawaan tha.


bsc said...

This reminds me of a friend (not lover) and classmate of mine. My school was about a mile away from home. one afternoon I started fever and could not attend the class. My neighbor and friend got 'chutti' from class on the basis that he can carry me for that mile for I was totally burning hot summer days. He rested and walked, carrying me on his back all the way till he got me home safe

Mystic said...

Uncle - those are pure moments of life