Sunday, January 15, 2017

On "Biwi ka saath"

"Biwi ka saath bhi baRi zalim shey hai yaara.

Hamari shadi ke 28 baras main se 15 saal, hum ne alag reh ker guzaare. laRte rahe, baat baat pe jhagaRte rahe. Kabhi susral ke jhagre, kabhi paison pe jhagra, kabhi bachhon pe jhagra aur kabhi kisi baat pe - aur kabhi kisi baat pe jhagra.

Magar jab mujhe heart attack hua aur main 3 din CCU main paRa raha - to na ma baap the, na dost yaar aur na bachhe. Agar koi milne aa bhi gaya to visitig hours poore hone se pehle chala gaya, kisi ko parking nahi mili aur kisi ka koi kaam aaRe aa gaya. ... aaj ke zamane main rishte bhi saare text messages main tabdil ho gaye hain. "Get well soon" ke google images bohat aaye -- magar mera haat thaame koi khaRi thi to wahi biwi thi. Mujeh dard ho to nurses ko wahi bulaye, mujhe koi takleef ho to woh 'take care' kare.

Mard baRa bad-naseeb hota hai. Use Biwi ke saathi hone ka pata buRhape, dukh, takleef aur bimari main hi hota hai. Jab jawani chali jati hai - to mard aik dam se kamzor ho jaata hai - aur biwi ka pata lag jaata hai. Jawani mard ko kutta bana deti hai. Burhape main woh auqat pe aa jaata hai.

Mujeh ab samjh aayi ke kiun, agar burhape main biwi mar jaaye to mard 6 mahiney main hi is duniya ko daage-mafarqat de jaata hai".

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

In Neuro-ICU

"Jab tum neuro-ICU main propofol ki zad main ventilator pe the,  to main tumhe dekhne nahi aaya. Haan! main ne sab doctors se baat ki, tumari har lab, CT scan report aur progress bhi follow ki - magar haan main tumhe dekhne nahi aaya - is liye nahi ke mujeh tum se mohabbat nahi thi, bulke is liye ke mujh main tum ko kamzor dekhne ki himmat nahi thi - tum jo sab ko zindagi baantte the, woh yun aik dam se itna be-bus ho jaaye -  ye baat aankhain kese gawara le".

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Naeem Sahab aur Sureh Naas

Mujhe Allah ke bande masjeed, kaleesa aur mandir se ziyada rah-chalte, dukanoN, galiyoN aur bazaroN main mile hain. 

Naeem Sahab pe 2 posts pehle bhi likh chuka hun (here and here). Unke liye main ne likha tha: "Ye duniya ajeeb ajeeb hoshruba insanon se bhari hai !!!"

Aaj unse wabasta aik aur waqiya likhta hun. 

Chunke woh Texas se mehmaan ban ke aaye the toh ek din unhe kisi ne dawat pe bula liya. Hum bhi saath chal paRe. Junhi hum dawat wali jagah pe pahunche, unhone ne gaari park hote hi 3 dafa surah naas parhi aur kaha: "chalo baba andar chalo - baRi bhook lagi hai".

Hum ne poocha: "Khaloo! ye be-moqa surah naas kis liye?"

Unhon ne jawab diya: "Are bhai! Jahan dawat ho, chaar insaan mil bethe - to geebat aur waswason ka bazaar lag jaata hai. Insaan na sirf dursoN ke waswasoN aur andeshoN ka neeshana banta hai - bulke dusroN ke diloN main bhi waswase daal aata hai. Isi liye har mehfil ya dawat main jaane se pehle surah naas paRh leta hun. Qayamat ke din sawal huwa to bhai saaf keh dain ge: Hum ne to panah mangi thi, tu ne inayat na ki to hum kiya karain"

"Hai na?  - Ye duniya ajeeb ajeeb hoshruba insanon se bhari hui !!!"

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

On "where the Red Fern Grows"

When I finished my residency, I had to go for 3 years to serve in rural America as a waiver for my visa. It was one of the most serene time of my life. (fortunately or unfortunately there were no smartphones or even internet). Beautiful hills, lakes and mountains of America. I worked in a community clinic which served low or no income rural American population. They were innocent, kind-hearted, beautiful people. I regularly did home visits and developed strong bonds with many of my patients and staff. Before I went there, our chief resident told me to read a novel: "Where the Red Fern Grows" to have a perspective of actual rural America. Indeed, it was one of the most beautiful novels of bonding, love, faith, hard work and to understand, why it is important to move in life after the death of loved ones or undesired experiences. (This is a must read for dog lovers). After the recent election when rural America became the focus of vote bank, I read that novel again, and it had the similar impact on me. Many times while reading the novel, I paused, pondered and thought about our intricately bonded lives - events and the divine plan. It is considered to be one of the best classics written in modern American literature. Many people cried for hours after reading this novel.

The name of the novel came from a Native American tell of a young boy and girl who are lost in a blizzard and their bodies were found following Spring, frozen together holding hands. Between them, there was a red fern growing. Red Fern symbolizes the most strong bond of love.

You can read full novel here or watch 1974 version of movie here

End of the novel took me back to my old spent days.

"Rubbing my eyes, I looked to the hillside above our home. There it stood in all its wild beauty, a waving red banner in a carpet of green. It seemed to be saying, “Good-bye, and don’t worry, for I’ll be here always.” 

"I have never been back to the Ozarks. All I have left are my dreams and memories, but if God is willing, some day I’d like to go back—back to those beautiful hills. I’d like to walk again on trails I walked in my boyhood days. Once again I’d like to face a mountain breeze and smell the wonderful scent of the redbuds, and papaws, and the dogwoods...

........Yes, I know it is still there, for in my heart I believe the legend of the sacred red fern."

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Hamare abba ko Allah jannat naseeb kare, aksar kehte: "Beta bure logon se dur rehna, jahan bure log hote hain wahan se achhi ruhain chali jaati hain. Aur jahan khusbu ke saath halka sa dhuwan ho wahan achhi ruhain deraa daal leti hain".... Har shaam magrib ke waqt ghar main agarbatti ki jaati. Jumeraat ko to khas poore loban (Incense) ka bandobast hota - aur abba der tak musalle pe beth ker tahjjud paRhte rehte.

Ho sakta hai, koi pakeeza ruh na aati ho magar pakizgi ka aik aehsaas zaroor rehta. Hum daheriye (atheist) the magar kisi shaam agar agarbatti na hoti to lagta - aaj ka din kuch adhoora sa reh gaya.

BarsoN beet gaye - Abba chale gaye - magar

Aaj bhi jab kahin agar-batti jalti hai to abba yaad aa jaate hain - aur main sochta hun 
--- kese aik choti si cheez se insaan ki yaadain juR jaati hain - jo holey holey insaan ki zindagi ko  - andar hi andar - aik dheemi si aanch pe muattar kerti rehti hain.

Baqol Shafiqur-Rehman :: "Ye jhilmil jhilmil kerti hui piyari piyari kirnaiN"

Thursday, January 05, 2017

A note from everyday life

After covering new year night in the hospital, I was dead tired and was trying to keep myself awake with coffee. As my replacement arrived at 7 AM, I finished and threw my empty cup into the trash, BUT instead of throwing it in the regular trash, I put it in Biohazard Bin, which is supposed to be only for medical and body fluid waste. I was reminded by a cleaning person that this was not appropriate. I was wrong! I apologized to him, pick the cup from Biohazard Bin and  put it in the regular trash.

It was a small occurrence but led me to think that there is a reason west is making more progress than the other countries. Anyone can be reminded of his wrongdoing without any fear. From the head of the country to a janitor has his/her own space which cannot be violated. That's how it used to be the guidelines of good governance of Umar bin Khattab, where even caliph of the Estate can be sent to court.

Islam ki saari taalimaat woh le gaye aur kharafat main par gai ummat.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

On "Shopping Plazas"

(A friend asked me: Have I ever been to interior of Sindh? It took me to - purani diary se aik warq - Sujawal 2005)

Gaya tha main us purane Shahr

Sab kuch badal gaya hai
Na to ab woh school ke paas purani nahr hai aur na hi woh aaloo chole wala ram chand

Aur school se tumhare ghar tak woh jo 
aik purana sa mandir tha
Jo dhundhta tha kharabi ke bahaney kab se*
Jis ka chaak har baam, har ik dar ka dame-aakhir tha*
jahan har shaam, tumhara kumba pooja ke liye deep jalaya kerta tha
 - woh bil-aakhir ujaR gaya hai

(suna hai, mohalle ke saare hindu hindustan chale gaye)

Ab wahan aik shopping plaza hai
- aur us ki bunyadoN main madfoon hamara bachpan

- tumhe woh qadeem misri "King Tut" yaad hai na - jis ki kahani hum ne pehli baar 2 aane wali library se le ker paRhi thi - woh jis ki qabar kai hazaron saal baad daryaft hui, aur saari duniya hairaan reh gai
haan andar sab kuch wesa hi tha

magar ooper dukanain aur jhoot fareb ke karobaar ka shor-o-goga tha

Gaya tha main us purane Shahr

*taken from Faiz poetry

Friday, December 30, 2016

An article to ponder

This article in NY Times published about 3 weeks ago and made some waves. In the beginning, I ignored it but as forward keep coming, I read it and indeed found it interesting. Read at your leisure


He answered: “Yes, yes. There’s one theory of the universe that I rather like — I accept it in an almost joking spirit — and that is that Planet Earth in our solar system is a kind of zoo for extraterrestrial beings who dwell out there somewhere. And this is the best, the most interesting experiment they could set up: to set up the evolution on Planet Earth going in such a way that it would produce these really interesting characters — humans who go around doing things — and they watch their experiment, interfering hardly at all so that almost everything we do comes out according to the laws of nature. But every now and then they see something which doesn’t look quite right — this zoo is going to kill itself off if they let you do this or that.” So, he continued, these extraterrestrials “insert a finger and just change some little thing. And maybe those are the miracles which the religious people like to so emphasize.” He reiterated: “I put it forward in an almost joking spirit. But I think it’s a kind of hypothesis that’s very, very hard to dismiss.” 


Thursday, December 29, 2016

On "sense of moral privilege"

(Raskolnikov as he argues on ethics of violence in 'Crime and Punishment' of  Fyodor Dostoevsky - not just a novel but one fine commentary on poverty, crime, social norms, politics, religion and conscious)

"I simply hinted that an ‘extraordinary’ man has the right... that is not an official right, but an inner right to decide in his own conscience to overstep... certain obstacles, and only in case it is essential for the practical fulfilment of his idea (sometimes, perhaps, of benefit to the whole of humanity).
Then, I remember, I maintain in my article that all... well, legislators and leaders of men, such as Lycurgus, Solon, Mahomet, Napoleon, and so on, were all without exception criminals, from the very fact that, making a new law, they transgressed the ancient one, handed down from their ancestors and held sacred by the people, and they did not stop short at bloodshed either, if that bloodshed—often of innocent persons fighting bravely in defence of ancient law—were of use to their cause. It’s remarkable, in fact, that the majority, indeed, of these benefactors and leaders of humanity were guilty of terrible carnage. In short, I maintain that all great men or even men a little out of the common, that is to say capable of giving some new word, must from their very nature be criminals—more or less, of course. Otherwise it’s hard for them to get out of the common rut; and to remain in the common rut is what they can’t submit to, from their very nature again, and to my mind they ought not, indeed, to submit to it...

....I only believe in my leading idea that men are in general divided by a law of nature into two categories, inferior (ordinary), that is, so to say, material that serves only to reproduce its kind, and men who have the gift or the talent to utter a new word. There are, of course, innumerable sub-divisions, but the distinguishing features of both categories are fairly well marked. The first category, generally speaking, are men conservative in temperament and law-abiding; they live under control and love to be controlled. To my thinking it is their duty to be controlled, because that’s their vocation, and there is nothing humiliating in it for them. The second category all transgress the law; they are destroyers or disposed to destruction according to their capacities. The crimes of these men are of course relative and varied; for the most part they seek in very varied ways the destruction of the present for the sake of the better. But if such a one is forced for the sake of his idea to step over a corpse or wade through blood, he can, I maintain, find within himself, in his conscience, a sanction for wading through blood—that depends on the idea and its dimensions, note that. It’s only in that sense I speak of their right to crime in my article.... .....

The first category is always the man of the present, the second the man of the future. The first preserve the world and people it, the second move the world and lead it to its goal. Each class has an equal right to exist....."

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bayan Pir Shams Multani ka

Shehar Multan ki 3 cheezain bohat mashoor hain - Gird, Garmi aur Gada - Aur mujeh is ka khob tajarba huwa

Ye 1997 ki baat hai. Main Pakistan ja raha tha. Chalte huwe mere aik roommate ne kaha ke: "Mujhe residency nahi milti. Hum Multan main Hazrat Shah Shams ke manne wale hain. Ye meri niyaz ke paise hain. Agar tum Multan ja ker unki mazar pe de do to mujeh tasalli rahe gi". 

- Main to khud Allah Rasool se munkir tha, magar us ka dil rakhne ko waada ker liya. Irada to yahi tha ke Karachi main kisi mazar pe de ker usey jhoot bol dunga, magar pata nahi kiya dil main aayi ke main Multan chala gaya.

June ka Mahina tha - aur jis din main train station se utra shehar main aandhi chal rahi thi (sandstorm) - ye wahan ke makeenoN ke liye aam si baat thi. Darjaaye hararat (temperature) 46 degree centigrade tha. Main station ke saath aik aam se hotel main theR gaya. Shaam ko garmi kuch kum hui to main ne aik Taxi li aur Hazrat Shams Multani ke mazar pe chala gaya. Niyaz ke paise wahan nazar kiye, hasbe wada dost ke liye dua maangi, aur Chai peene aik hotel pe beth gaya. 

Hotel ke saath hi gada-garoN aur faqeeroN ki mehfil jami thi. Harmonium pe bari sureli awaz main aik faqeer, Hazrat Shams Multani ka kalam ga raha tha. Allah jaane us kalam main kitni sachhai hai - magar kahani kuch yun thi ke - farishta Allah ke rasool se kalam ker raha hai - aur kehta hai - Is duniya se main aahista aahista aik ke baad aik ker ke das cheezain (10 things) le jaun ga. Jab ye das cheezain chali jaayain to samjhna qayamat ke asar hain. Main ne jeb se pen/diary nikali aur ye das batain note ker li. Bohat saaloN baad ye kagaz haat aaya.

Farishta Rasool se kehta hai 

Paheli baar cheezon se barakat le jaun ga
Dusri baar rishton se mohobat le jaun ga
Teesri baar Allah ki rahemat le jaun ga
Chothi baar Aurat Mard se sharam le jaun ga
Paanchwi baar daulat walon se sakhawat le jaun ga
Chati baar logon ka Iman le jaun ga
Saatween baar Logon ka Qol Qarar le jaun ga
Aathween baar hakim se adal le jaun ga
Naween baar duniya se sabar le jaun ga 
Dasween baar ilme-Quran le jaun ga

Sach poocho - to ye sab kuch duniya se kab ka ja chuka!! 
 -  magar na to zara sa koi patta hila, na koi qayamat aayi  
------ Allahu Alam

Baqol Faiz:: 
Rakht-e-dil bandh lo, dil figaro chalo 
phir hameen qatl ho aain, yaro chalo

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hasan Koozagar

(My hats off to this beautifully done Tele version of N.M Rashid's classic "Hasan-Koozagar*)

Youtube link:

Hasan Koozagar is said to be the true tell of NMR. It is said that while on deputation in Iran somewhere in the 1950s, he fell in love to an Iranian girl which took a lot of toll on his life, job, poetry, and painting. He wrote Part 2 of Hasan Koozagar when he returned to Iran later but part 2 never found that audience as Part 1.

Hasan Koozagar continues to mesmerize readers at one end due to its language's profound effect and on the other hand, this was an unique experiment of developing a whole human character/psych in poetic form. Hasan Koozagar har insaan ke andar basne wali us khoi hui mohbbat ki kahani hai, jo aahista aahista use andar se ghun ki tarah kha jaati hai.

Friday, December 16, 2016

On "Unnecessary Truth"

As I am getting older, I tend to agree that

"Bagair zaroorat ke ya be-moqa bola huwa sach bhi fasad hi bapa kerta hai. Jis cheez ka parda Allah ne rakh ho - us pe zaroorat na ho - to hijab paRe rehne dena hi aqalmandi hai"

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Urdu adab ki aik trajedy

Urdu adab ki ye aik aesi trajedy, jo mujeh aksar udas ker deti hai. Jab pehli baar Parveen Shakir ki mulaqat Joan Aelia se hui to unhon ne kaha: "Hum aap ki Shayeri se bohat mutasir hain". To Jaun sahab ne jawaban ye shyr paRha:

‎کتنی دلکش ہو تم ، کتنا دِل جو ہوں میں 

‎کیا ستم ہے كے ہم لوگ مر جائینگے

Uske kuch arse baad Parveen Shakir is Jahane faani se kooch ker gayiN. Jaun sahab ke intaqal ke saath ye shyr lafz ba larf sach saabit ho gaya. Parveen Shakir apni ain dilkashi ke joban per - aur Jaun sahab jab Urdu mushayere ke sab se dil-Jo shayer Therey - chaley gaye

Dusra misrah peechle do-teen mahinoN se aksar mujeh raat ke ghoop andheroN main haunt kerta rehta hai

Monday, December 12, 2016

On "Meditation and Discipline"

Few days back, a friend mentioned about meditation. It brought back to my memories this picture - The first step of meditation is discipline as you can see neatly placed footwears of monks at the entrance of worship place.

Friday, December 09, 2016


"You went to Pakistan after good 30 years. How was your trip? Do you miss Pakistan after coming back?"

"I don't miss Pakistan but yes I do miss one thing since I am back. I feel very empty without it"
"Interesting! what is that?"

"Yaar apne mohalle ki masjid ki paanch waqt ki azan ki awaz ko bohat miss kerta hun. Mujh jesa daheriya - aur magreeb ki zindagi main dooba huwa - womenizer - aur har raat whisky peene wala aadmi - ye baat kahe to ajeeb hi lagta hai - magar sach bhi yahi hai".

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Miracle of Red Mountains

"Shayed ye sach hai ke laal pahaRon pe jo kaleesa hai
   - woh kaleesa jis ke parto main maryam sadion se apni aulad ko god main uthaaye khaRi hai
-- wahan jaa ker dua maangne se maryam ki mamta ke sadqe har dua qabool ho jaati hai"

(Above post was written years ago when I visited Sedona and prayed at Chapel of the Holy Cross and my prayer was indeed answered. It is one unique place on earth where mountains have naturally formed Madonna and child on rocks. Found in my one old diary).