Monday, April 24, 2017

Needs a lot of depth!

I have encountered this quote of Khalil Jibran many times. In this era of social media, it needs a character of mountains and depth of an ocean to do this.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A quote on 'War and Peace'

Nowadays when I read news and see the waves of nationalism, so called patriotism, religious-ethnic-cultural intolerance everywhere - I find perplexing similarities with 1930s. Unfortunately, right now it is an unstable world and I get genuinely worried. People think war is a problem. It is indeed. But not taking care of peace is a bigger issue.

“It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace.” ― Aristotle

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Idris Muhammad's Jazz

Though I prefer to stay away from noisy clubs, restaurants and eatery places but if you are in New Orleans, you can't get away without paying homage to French Quarters!

I have been there few times but last time when I was there, it was a weekday. It was relatively quiet and we found a nice restaurant to enjoy seafood. Music in the background was mesmerizing. I asked our waiter and he said: "This is from son of the New Orleans, Idis Muhammad and this is his famous tune Loran's dance" (here). After that I heard his various compositions and loved it softly running on side as I do my mundane errands at home. I am not even a verified listener but I believe what distinguish his jazz composition is the simultaneous feeling of softness, vitality, happiness and beats synchronized with heart.

Out of all Loran's dance stayed my favorite, probably because on that day, at that given moment in restaurant it came to me more as a divine revelation, and I learned how a nice composition can drive human emotions.

One thing is evident as I read more on his life that he was in search of truth and followed the voice of his conscience and alike many African Americans who questioned the injustice of society. Few converted to Islam including Mohammad Ali Clay, during civil rights time in USA. Softness of his jazz along with vitality of tunes tell me that he was a deep person, not a superficial instrument player. He played his soul out in music.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Never complain of 7 things

In this fast pace technology with bombardment of audios, videos, articles, news, jokes, poetry etc etc via different apps and media - most of the information just take toll on time, energy and intellect. I am not immune either and try to find my way to adjust through this ride. But once in a while I get something which i feel is worth sharing. Nowadays, viral among Pakistani community is a drama clip, played by Mohammad Qavi Khan. I don't know the name of drama, neither writer nor channel. But it is interesting.  I am blogging to keep it for myself as every morning I delete previous night forwards. I was unable to find youtube link.

He says: Never complain of following seven things.

1. Your Qismat (luck, destiny)
2. Of your elders in front of your children
3. Of quality of  the house if you own it
4. Your parents and teacher
5. Of wife's family in front of her
6. Of  your friends in front of strangers
7. And of your guests, once they leave, to anyone

You don't need to agree but I think it is worth saving.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Kaare jahaan daraaz hai (On Travel Ban)

Main hawaii jahaz main pehli baar us waqt betha jab America aa raha tha - uski rudaad aik baar likhi thi (here) - uske baad kuch aesa huwa ke - zindagi 'safar dar safar' ban ke reh gai. Kuch gardish e doraN - aur  - Baqol Munir Niazi -  kujh sanoo maran da shoq vee see.

Uske baad idhar udhar is blog pe apne safar ki kuch posts bhi likhi (like here)

Jab peechle dino, USA main 'Travel Ban' ka shor-o-goga huwa to mujhe apne jahaz ka aik safar bohat aaya. Main Buenos Aires, Argentina ja raha tha. Flight ne subah subah utarna tha magar 'fog' is qadar thi ke jahaz ko qareebi shar 'Cardoba' utaar diya gaya. Hum waiting lounge main chale gaye.

Waqt guzaari ke liye - anjaane musaafir - batain kerne lage. Ab logoN ke safar ki wajoohaat suniye -

- Aik aurat, jis ki umar ab pachas ke aas paas hogi, koi 30 baras pehle shadi ker ke Buenos Aires gai thi - magar wahan us ki shadi chal nahi saki - woh phir USA aa gai - magar us relationship ki chubhan ab tak dil main baqi thi - keh rahi thi: "I want to clean my memories by revisting'!

- Aik shaks jis ki umar 65 ke lag bhag ho gi - Tango dance ka koi aesa show dekne ja raha tha jo saal main sirf aik hi baar us shahr main hota hai

- Aik PhD student thi jo 'Evita' pe maqala likhne ja rahi thi

- Aik aur larki thi jo Saint Felicita ki dukh bari kahani pe documentary banana chahti thi

- Aik buRha shaks tha - jis ki beti ne marte huwe us se kaha tha ke 'Liliana Crociati de Szaszak' ki qabar pe meri taraf se phool charRha dena 

- Aik joshila naujawan tha jo political science ka student tha aur Argentinian aur American siyasat ke mawazne pe kaam ker raha tha

- Aik soccer ka player tha jo 'La Boca' ka stadium dekhna chahta tha

Main ye sab chup chaap sun raha tha aur soch raha tha: " kiya koi beRi (travel ban) Khuld se nikle insaan ki bechain ruh ko safar se rok sakti hai? Iqbal ne isi liye to kaha tha:

baġh-e-bahisht se mujhe hukm-e-safar diyā thā kyuuN
kaar-e-jahaaN    daraaz hai    ab  meraa      intizaar kar

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On "overrated inspiration"

When Saugoree uncle left comment on my post quoting Khushwant Singh (here), I recalled 2 things for which I always remember Khushwant Singh. Although I have read his writings here and there for many years, his one article is always near and dear to me ( How To Live and Die - here). Another thing is his advice to writers that: "You should write everyday as writing everyday will make you a better writer (than others)".

It took me to Argentinian artist Milo Lockett. When I first read his interview, I was little jolted on his initial statement that: "Inspiration is Utopian". But as he further explained: "What you need is to do your work everyday. Some days you will be less passionate. You may make more mistakes, but mistakes will make you a better person. Key is to do your work everyday".

I was lucky to have good teachers and seniors during my training. I was given one advice which worked like a magic for me. I was told to read every day no matter what - Christmas, New year, birthday, sad day, someone's funeral or vacation - READ EVERYDAY - anything related to subject - 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. I have done that for last many many years and I can assure you, it did not only make me a better physician but a better human being.

As they say: Inspiration is 1% and perspiration is 99%.

Last, but not the least. In cricket's history, Pakistan's Wasim Akram was one of the real legendary bowler. I honestly believe, no one ever came close to him in swing, line-n-length, yorker and varieties. Not Imran Khan, Dennis Lillee, any West Indian furious  or even Sir Richard Hadlee. Wasim said a beautiful thing: "In life, luck will just open the door for you but rest of the journey is all your hard work and practice everyday".

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On "Zameen ka bojh uthane wale"

Nasir Kaazmi ka aik shyr hai

ye aap ham to bojh hain zameen ka 
zameen ka bojh uthane wale kya hue

Bohat waqt lag gaya mujhe ye samjhne main ke - Zameen ka bojh uthane waale kaun log hote hain?

Ye woh log hote hain jo apne kaam se mukhlis (honest and sincere) hote hain. 
Jin ki apne kaam se lagan 'Bartar az ande-shaaye sud-o-ziyan' hoti hai
Unhe is baat ki fiqar nahi hoti ke maal ban raha hai ya nahi - aasoodgi milti hai ya nahi 

Ye woh log hote hain, jo apne kaam ko ibaadat samjh ker kerte hain

Monday, March 20, 2017

A beautiful Quote on Urdu

اگر آپ اردو سیکھنا چاہتے ہیں تو عشق کر لیجئے اور اگر آپ عشق کرنا چاہتے ہو تو اردو سیکھ لیجئے ۔۔۔

خشونت سنگھ۔۔۔.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

An opinion on man and woman

I have an 80 years old very wise friend who is now retired, but very widely traveled and experienced with life. We frequently get engage in lengthy conversation after my work on and off. He made following comment from his experiences in life. I don't agree but it is worth sharing.

"Man may not take it seriously if he comes to know his woman likes another man in her heart as far as she is not sleeping with him. And woman may not mind if his man is sleeping with another woman as far he does not give her any place in his heart".


Saturday, March 18, 2017

On "Neki aur Badii"

Aik din hamare babaji ne kaha

"Buraii se hazar gaz dur raho, magar us ki nafrat ko dil main jagah banane na do"

Main ne kaha: "Babaji! buraii se nafrat to achhi cheez hui. Aap ki ye baat theek nahi lagti"

UnhoN ne jawab diya: "Beta nafrat ka jazba bakhud aik buraii hai. Badi ki illat (reason) neki hai. Badi ki apni aakhri manzil neki hai - neki ka suraj buraai ki ghup aazmaishoN hi main chamakta hai. Buraii hai to neki hai. Mere rab ne kisi cheez ko be-wajah paida nahi kiya - Zaher ka piyala tha to suqraat hai".

Aur phir  Maulana rumi ka ye shyr gungunane lage 

Aao aao, jo bhi ho tum aao aao 
mutlashi ho, aabid ho, rehbaani ho 
is karwaan pe mayoosi ka sayaa nahi
hazar ahed ke khaain ho
phir bhi aao,   aao aao

Friday, March 17, 2017

A Quote

(I don't agree with the second part of the quote but still it is a strong statement)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Marvel of Surah Baqarah 94-96

Reza Aslan is again in news as he is starting a series of his travelogue of religious exploration on CNN. I tend to agree with him as at the end, it is all about belief that either you lean towards accepting a divine power or not. This let me go back to my own experience and readings of different religions, cultures and societies. I firmly believe that no part of the human existence is left without divine intervention - whether it is a far flung village in Africa or a high mountain of Tibet. Reza wrote a beautiful article as a prologue to his series: "Why I am a Muslim" (here). I am in same boat as he is.

Nothing makes me believe in Islam except Quran, as Umar Bin Khattab famously said after listening Surah Haqqah that it can't be a human made poetry (It is a very poetical surah). I start reading Quran to affirm my atheism and agnosticism, but at many places I had to close book and wonder about it's teaching. Surah Asar had a massive impact on me, though I am still a very confused spiritualist but those two simple lines are core guiding principal for any human life.

My biggest shock came when I reached Surah baqarah ayat 94 to 96. Being a man of science, I always believed that humans will eventually conquer many diseases, and life span of humans will go up to 1000 years, once gene therapy takes off. I saw that prediction right there.

I took some flakes when I wrote post of Pir Shams Multani (here), but in truth human journey is far from over. Many more catalogs of human intellects, war and peace, destruction and resurrections, death and misery, happiness and achievements, many more civilizations alike Romans, exploration of far corners of universe and star wars have yet to be written.

Abhi picture baqi hai mere dost

Friday, March 03, 2017

An added advantage of being a parent

Its almost midnight and I am tired and exhausted - but wants to write this short post as I think, this was an extremely smart observation, today I heard at NPR.

"Being a parent is not only a very profound experience but simultaneously it makes you desperate to make this world a better place".

Good night.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

A quote

"If you want to strike water, you don't dig six 1-foot wells; you dig one 6-foot well." ~ Buddha

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Shortcut to Ishqe Haqiqi

"Babaji! hum jese sahal-pasandoN ke liye ishqe-haqiqi ka koi shortcut nahi?

"Hai, bilkul hai - magar zara mushkil hai - aur mardoN ke liye thoRa ziyada mushkil hai"

"Woh kiya?"

"Sachhe aur khaalis ishqe-mazaji ka tajarba"

"Aesa kiun?"

"Are pagle! jo aik aurat ka na ho saka - woh aik khuda ka kese ho sakta hai"!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Get Out

Over the weekend, exhausted from work, I decided to go to my old addiction - to watch a movie in the theater. As I was tired, I decided to go to a movie with less crowd, so I skipped Indian flicks {No No, I didn't miss Raees - I saw it last week :)  as well as I skipped 'Lion' (said to be 6 academy award nominations). I walked in to see "Get Out".

It is more of a conceptual movie arguing that slavery never died from human history, and we continue to find new and veiled ways of slavery. Unfortunately, this movie is released at a time in the United States when the political environment is very toxic and polarized. (Or is it a deliberate move?).

Made behind the bias, discrimination, and prejudice of color, the movie portrays the insecurity of humans at both ends of the spectrum. Though written as Whites n Blacks conflict in present-day western societies, it tells us that it is very hard for any dominant majority to let go their dominance, and human minds continue to find unique ways to perpetuate mastery and to pass it to next generations.

From every time-period to every society in human history - the plague of racism, discrimination, and slavery is a constant menace. I enjoyed the movie.

See trailer (here) as well as NY Times 'Anatomy of Scene' (here) for this movie - you will get an idea


Saturday, February 25, 2017

On Van Gogh's yellow effect

First time when I saw Van Gogh's famous painting "starry night" at the museum of modern art in NY city, I was perplexed with the use of yellow colors around stars. Later, I learned this has been questioned by many many people. If you see series of his paintings you will find the use of yellow color at unusual places like grass, wheatfield (his obsession), walls (cafe terrace and yellow house).

This yellow effect is more prominent in the year 1888 and somewhat till his suicide in 1890. This boggled analysts for many many years and many different theories have been proposed. Over years, I  read here and there about his paintings and being a physician, answer to his use of yellow color was very interesting to me.

Van Gogh suffered from a severe manic-depressive disease. He once self-mutilated his left ear, was admitted to an asylum, drew his self-portrait with the bandage over the mutilated ear as he unsuccessfully fought hard to understand and cure his disease and eventually committed suicide in 1890 (though some believe he was killed). Popular drug of the twentieth century to cure manic-depressive disease lithium was unavailable at his time and drug of choice was heart medicine digitalis (dig), as neurons respond in a similar fashion as myocardium to various drugs. It may be of interest to know that phenytoin (a drug for epilepsy) was initially invented as a heart medicine.

Digitalis has a unique side effect of producing yellowish hue in vision, and probability is that yellow effects in his paintings are due to 'dig', particularly at a specific time period of his life when he was very sick. It is documented that he was treated with digitalis.

For a long time, I wondered about colors of life in any human due to his disease state both in physiological and psychological terms. Also, effects of medicines and disease process itself to state of minds, as they carve all facets of human relationships, expressions, failures as well as successes.

Undekhi quwattoN ke ghere main
Insaan phir bhi, kaTherey main
(Despite surrounded by unseen forces, human still get judged)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Faheem Bhai-2

Faheem bhai (here) se koi das baras baad aik dam se mulaqat hui. Allah jaane kab woh dubai se america aaye, pata hi na chala. Bus 4/5 baras pehle kisi ne bataya tha ke un ke maazoor bete ka intaqal ho gaya hai.

Yun to Faheem bhai pehle hi bohat badal gaye the, magar ab ki baar aesa lage jese 10 baras main 100 baras ka safar te kiya hai. Burhape ki dehleez pe the. Apni umar se bohat ziyada zaeef dikhaii dete the

Main ne kaha: "Faheeb bhai, aap kitne badal gaye hain?" (shayed woh mera matlab samjh gaye)

UnhoN ne jawab diya: "Jab bete ko insaan apne haatoN se qabar main utare, aur saamne jawan beti ka bojh ho - to insaan aap hi buRha ho jaata hai".