Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Peepli Live

If you are tired of Media circus in Pakistan (as I am), watch "Peepli Live". Financially supported by Aamir Khan, this is a great commentary on Media/TV channels and political circus in third world countries, taking advantage of plight of poor, oppressed and downtrodden people. Plot is based on issue of farmers' suicide in India. Though movie is made as comedy but it is a serious commentary on fast dying agriculture, corrupt politicians and 'rating' hungry TV news channel in third world countries.

No nude scene but there is some rough language. It was a pleasure watching Nawazuddin Siddiqui again. Absolutely 5 stars to movie.


bsc said...

I just came back after spending a month there
All I remember is
Horse-trading and donkey-trading and monkey-trading. I do not know if I can see some real leadership in my life time in Pakistan

Mystic said...

Its heartbreaking to see that country going down the drain