Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Yusuf!

People think Yusuf has a place in history because he was the most handsome man ever existed on this planet. This is a very shallow approach to that Qasas (story). Lust and seduction of Zuleikha for a handsome man happened millions of time in human history and would continue to do till  estrogen (and testosterone) is flowing!

So what exalted Yusuf in human history? It was not his beauty! Actually it was his strong commitment to his core value of 'not to cheat'. Yusuf was brought from Egypt's Bazaar as a slave but treated like a son by his Master. Master's wife Zuleikha seduced him and offered to sleep with him. Yusuf found it inappropriate to sleep with wife of his father like master. In revenge, Zuleikha was able to put him in prison for long time but Yusuf remained steadfast for what he believed! It was the strength of character. Despite having mind blowing grace to get any woman in a blink - he refused to succumb to seduction, lust and basic fatal instinct.


bsc said...

Something happened to my comment. So here it is again.
Yes you are right it is the strength of character of this man so he refuses the invitation. She was his "master" also being Master's wife so she had lot of control too. The Qur'an tells the story with important details. The one I wish to emphasize is in verse #24 "and (with passion) did she desire him and HE WOULD HAVE DESIRED HER, BUT that he saw the eveidence of His Lord......."
Without going into the details of 'evidence', note here that even though he is a prophet but (as you say) the flow of testosteron does not go without effect. This I believe is to emphasize the human-ness of these exhalted individuals.

mystic-soul said...

Interesting angle to the whole story...very interesting indeed......"the human-ness of these exhalted individuals".