Friday, February 14, 2014

The Last Valentine

"Since childhood my father celebrated Valentine's Day. My mom passed away long time before I can even comprehend things. My father never married again. We were three siblings. 2 Brothers and I was the youngest, special and princess of the house.  Every Valentine, coming from work, my father brought flowers, card and cake. When I was away for college and even when I married and moved 10 states away, his card, flowers and cake arrived every year. Forty five years and not even a single year was missed. One year my husband was stationed overseas in Germany and indeed his valentine's flowers arrived. My father got diagnose with lung cancer two years back. Chemotherapy did not stop him from his ritual. My father died on the 13th of January at MD Anderson. It was a sad day. But this morning card, flowers and cake arrived with a note saying Good bye, love and Happy (last) Valentine's. He made arrangement with local floral shop before he died. I will always miss my Dad.... Happy Valentine's Dad".

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