Friday, February 28, 2014


(2 weeks ago I was out of town. Fortunately met some old friends. From one late night mehfil)

(Following post has some sexual content)

I have been called and rightly called 'Playboy' all my life. I don't even remember how many women I have slept or have affair with. I don't take women seriously. Maybe couple of times in my life, I thought of getting married to particular women, but spending rest of my life with one woman freaked me out. I run away! To be honest, though I enjoy their company and their conversation, I think women are just good for F***.

Now said that, let me narrate  my one childhood experience.  I was nine years old. Since all characters are now dead, I am comfortable to share this. We were not very rich people. We lived in Lyallpur. They start calling it Faisalabad to make Arabs happy. Our father in mid 1970s, with wave of labors, went to Dubai so he can provide better lifestyle for us. He used to stay there for a year or two, amid brief trips back to see family on Eids. Every evening we used to go to neighbor's house to watch TV for hours. One evening, my two years younger brother and I, were sent home early by neighbors and we found our mother sleeping with my one distant uncle. On that day, we did not know what to make out of a naked man and a woman sleeping together.

My brother and I never talked about that.

As chapters of life unfolded in next 30 years, I turned into a playboy. And, my brother, into a divorced impotent man, who lives in a one bedroom apartment somewhere, popping every night anti-depressants and every week spending 200 dollars on his psychotherapy session.

May I step out to puff a cigarette?

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