Sunday, June 21, 2015

Short Attention Spans

Within 25-30 years of my life, I have seen an immense shift in people's attention span. As one of my mentor says: "It's now limited to 140 characters"!

Starting with reading summaries, watching short adaptations with disposable items, advent of fast foods, drive thrus, death of letter writings, fast and furious internet - we have come to the point where emotions, characters, love, books, friendships... (name it)....everything is about instant gratification.


bsc said...

very interesting one. Now I have used same but original picture from Gray's Anatomy to explain the meanings of Aya #68 of Sura Yaseen. Since we are in Ramzan let me ask you to look up the tafseers of that aya (wa man-nuammir-ho, nunakkis-ho fil-khalq...) I have studied some of these ayat which deal with senility and Alzheimers (what else can you expect from a neurologist anyway?)
But his one "going back" is 'extremely expressive'
Could "shortness of attention span be included in that "explanation" Maybe scientifically you are not too far off
Would love to see anybody's criticism of my suggestion

bsc said...

Now I remember some years ago you had seen that in my blog

mystic-soul said...

Let me go back, read and ponder - before I write anything