Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clay pots

For the longest time, I remained curious about the fascination of artists with clay pots. Once, a priest told me that bible symbolises human souls in bodies, similar to perseverance of treasures in clay pots. I came across the following quote and felt like sharing.


bsc said...

Nice and very meaningful for us, humans.
However I am familiar with and have used clay pots for real in my childhood. Gujrat is known for the story of "Sohni and Mahinwal" There were some ultra thin (really a piece of art) piyalas called "Sohni da piyala' and may be it was Sohni/her father's style. I loved it and I did bring it with me to the West when I left Pakistan but that was almost 50 years ago and it is not with me any more
We had he whole tea sets made of clay and of course plates and cooking pots of all kinds. You have to eat cooked in earthenware pots and lassi made form cultured milk churned in large clay ghaRa to be able to tell what maza it induces.

Mystic said...

I used to love RabRi from hyderabad made and sell in claypots