Friday, November 20, 2015

On "Facebook updates"

I have been culprit of this. I have my load of difference with Ashfaq sahab but I have extreme high respect for his thoughts on many matters. I learned a lot from following


mehnaz said...

Your posts always touch a chord Sir!
Bias is everywhere – in different shapes in different parts of the world but where I live in India the bias has a unique presence and manifestation.
We see it in our newspapers(Zaroorat-e-rishta , on hoardings, our television ads openly laud fair skin. Yet its ignored, its considered normal, and even we aspire to it. Girls are rejected everyday because of colour-or silly things like a height, shape of nose-anything and everything.

har kisi ki zindagi ka ek hi maksad hai faraz
khud beshak ho bewafa par talaash wafa ki karta hai!!

mystic-soul said...

Its unfortunate. But even unfortunate is that - we all succumb to it at some level.

Hum sab kisi na kisi level pe zaalim hain.

mehnaz said...

I agree with you Sir. Aur, Sab se bada zulm hum khud par karte hain.
I ask my self everyday-am I being true to my self, and in that BEING am I hurting someone---- But then we belong to ourselves first.