Saturday, January 09, 2016

On "lautna"

(Central idea of following post is taken from Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey")

Koi to wajah rahi ho gi 

Noah kashtii le ker phir aik nai duniya basane nikal paRa
Musa Kohe-toor se tajalli paa ker phir insaanoN ke beech laut aaaya
Muhammad iqra ka sabaq phar ker gaare-hira se aam logoN main utar aaya
Buddha ko roshni naseeb hui to woh jungle choR ke aabadi main aan basa

Aur suna hai ~ Kisi din Esaa bhi phir laut ker aaye ga 

Tum ne kabhi socha hai - ye sab laut ker wapas kiun aate hain?

Koi to wajah rahi ho gi


Beyond said...

I think humans, by default, want to share. When I find something which is very cool, may it be an article, a video or anything, I am sharing it on FB, twitter etc. Hell...the whole social media is based on nothing but sharing.

When these people found something unique, they wanted others to know. That is why they went back.

Of course, religiously speaking, it is very different. The prophets were told to preach. Why would anyone in his right mind would go to people to teach and be abused so violently that his shoes are filled with blood. But still continue. Or someone who goes to mountain for a time period to discuss something with God, comes back and find the people have found a bull and have started worshipping it. I mean how very annoying. I would have flipped out. But you return again & again as it is the 'order'. There is no other way.

mehnaz said...

Since they found THE TRUTH (Al Haqq) -and it has to be shared/spread--because truth will liberate us But Human beings are strange---
Nouman Ali a a very popular speaker says " may be deep inside you, you are scared that if you find the truth, its gonna ask you to change yourself.
& you don't want to change yourself.
We are weak and lazy, but we need to have hope always.........since they also came BACK to give us hope-as it anchors our soul---and the only Hope ,the only refuge is also HIM.

bsc said...

God! your initial note and then comments by Beyond and Mehnaz are so inspiring and create a feeling of "why not go into its depth" but yes we humans are weak and reluctant to change. However as Beyond commented a Rasool is under "orders"
I was very astonished at a well-known poetess of south India "Kamla Das who turned Muslim at age 65. That is remarkable courage for "change" May Allah award her al-Jannah

bsc said...

Incidentally Beyond are there more "Beyonds" as I saw one commenting on "Koonj" my dear Bhanji (Shabana Mir)

mystic-soul said...

Mehnaz and Beyond - I think message of post is conveyed