Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bed 26

(I named this post "Bed 26" as this was my first patient of my first ever job in USA. He was in Bed 26 and always remained with me)

"I miss my wife"
"Seems like you really loved her"
"Nope! Never"
"She made me a better human being. Since she is gone, I feel slacking off"


bsc said...

Having retired over 12 years now I do find so many Patients "remaining" with me and I named my first writeup about a patient (in urdu) Bed no:16. No that was long before I started blogging. I have written up in my personal diary This is the same as "Jacob" that I wrote in the blog.
More interesting was Bed 15. Very quiet with undiagnosed Pneumonis who had his fever all gone was better but one day I found his temp. up. I asked how did he get it from the nurse and he said
"Sir you had ordered that injection (for Pyretotherapy) to bed #16 and when I told the nurse about it she scolded me , no it is for you and gave me the shot"
He was so shareef, did not say much against the nurse. (I had to go to my office to laugh)

mystic-soul said...

Uncle, I remember Jacob, but could not locate on blog. Can you send me link please.

BTW, do they still do Pyrotherapy?

bsc said...

No they do not
I found the blog written actually these were bed number 15, 16 and 17 The last two were Yaqubs try if you can google Yaqub or my blog written on 5/26/07