Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Curious Case of a Bathroom Curious

Being a physician - and after so many years, if I can call myself a seasoned physician, I have seen many common as well as uncommon diseases. But this case was very unique. I am not sure, if it ever got publish as I was unable to follow later due to privacy reason - but this case even after so many years is hard to explain.

The patient was himself a physician, in his mid-fifties - and was blessed with fortune, fame, family and all stabilities in life you can think of. But he was addicted to sneak in people's houses (like a thief) when they are not home to use bathrooms. If he cannot easily get into a house, he will check into any hotel/motel and will sneak into an occupied room, when a guest is out during the daytime. He will take nothing - just visit and use the bathroom - and leave. He managed to avail master key or machine to duplicate cards for the hotel rooms. Eventually, he was caught by a guest and later arrested due to cameras in hotels. I don't know, if he was able to practice later or not - but as far as I know - he was let go without any pressing of charges from particular guest and hotel. On the same day, shaken from arrest, he checked himself in ER to seek professional help - and our service was consulted for an unrelated issue.

I asked many psychiatrist friends but no one ever heard of any such case. Each shrink has his own theory to explain his behavior - but nothing concrete ever came out. This case always comes to my mind when I see many successful people around me with odd habits.

Indeed, even after 25 years of everyday work as a physician - humans continue to boggle my intelligence - and every day I get my 'humility pie' of wrong judgment or presumed diagnosis.

Insaan is kaainat ki sab se bari kitab hai .

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