Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On "JaN Nisar Akhtar's Dile NadaN"

Jan Nisaar Akhtar (father of Javed Akhtar) was a well-known progressive poet of pre-post partition India. He was from Lucknow school of poetry - and kept his poetry simple - away from heavy Persian and Arabic words. One of his poetry - Ae dile Nadan, which was inducted after 7 years of his death in the movie, Razia Sultana, by Kamal Amrohi Sahab - speaks of the beauty of his simple language poetry. I am putting a link from youtube but God knows how long link will stay alive. Each word and line feel like a marvel - (indeed with voice of Lata Mangeshkar and music of Khayyam).

Ye zameeN chup hai, aasmaaN chup hai
Phir ye dhaRkan si chaar-su kiya hai

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dopamine said...

beautiful sir