Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mighty Fine!

While people recommended me to go and see box office hit "Avengers", I picked to go and see "Mighty Fine" and did not regret it. It will strike you, if you are a man from a desi culture. Though based in mid 1970s of America, it precisely strikes the male psych of desi men or may be of all men.

How man has been raised by their fathers to behave like a man - and how this teaching sometime get internalized - and later manifest as episodic bouts of anger and destroy families!

Story revolves around a Jewish family - where 'man of the house' is trying his best or even overdoing to make his wife and daughters happy. But he slowly succumbs to the stress of dying business and his rage starts to take toll on his family peace. Slowly climax get built up to the point, where he contemplates suicide.

This movie provides an opportunity to reflect to all men, who are trying to balance their work and family. Sometime Mighty is not fine! (he needs to verbalize, communicate and talk his problems to his loved ones)!

See Trailer here


bsc said...

Interesting. I do not go to movies any more but have an Islamic perspective I have been recently contemplating. Qur'an states, ....The women shall have similar rights against them according to what is ma'aroof....the men have a slight edge of rights on women...." (Not exact translation of verse 228 S. Albaqara. I guess from ahadeeth also there is encouragement to consult your family (wife) as the prophet himself did for xample at the time of Hudaibiya.

mystic-soul said...

I didn't know about this historical fact...