Friday, November 08, 2013

A note on 'Animal Farm'

First time I read George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' in intermediate as an assignment from our English teacher. That age of 16 was not very sweet as our heads were confused and angry over the modus operandi of this universe. Even outside of classroom, on beautiful lawn and stairs of National College, Karachi, we debated the book. We laughed, we vented and we shook our heads. It was such a great piece of work depicting idiosyncrasy of both capitalism and communism. Actually, it was a commentary on hidden evil nature of humans.

A week ago, I picked that book again at O'hare airport. A smile came to my face. It brought back tons of memories. I read it again. As now, I am more at peace with this world, I learned 2 lessons from that book.

1. We all in various roles and capacities in our lives - as a parent or as a teacher  or as a spouse, brother, sister, friend, boss etc etc. - have more or less some power over someone or something. If we don't keep our head in check - we quickly start abusing our role. 'Animal Farm' teaches  us that how human mind can easily and quickly succumb to power!

2. Humans for their own means can stoop to any level, even if they have to trade, dine and wine with low level savages and animals. Let me put in Urdu to convey my sentiments: Insaan bara kamina hai. Ye apne matlab ke liye kisi bhi janwar ya shaitan se dosti ker sakta hai.

Note: It is a very small novel which you can finish quickly. Free link here

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