Sunday, November 10, 2013

Diwali (and RIP)

Few bloggers continue to amaze me with their wisdom (mind it: wisdom is different from intelligence)

Rohit from Mumbai again strike me with a beautiful post on Diwali:

"On Diwali, when I was a kid, Maa would ask me to keep my door and windows open as I sleep. She would say, “We should not miss any chance if Lakshmi plans to walk into our house.” Well I don’t really know if Lakshmi ever walked into my room in last so many Diwali nights. In fact I don’t even know or care if she exists. But what has remained with me is the idea of open doors and windows. Today, as people around me prepare for the festival once again, I wonder what are we gonna open ourselves to?.........As I retrospect today, I realize, besides everything else that could or could not, what certainly has walked into my life is a sense of wonder.... With each person around us, there’s this amazing possibility of a whole new world… or a whole new understanding of our existing world."......Read whole post here (

And, Adnan (Toronto) wrote: When we say "rest in peace," we're not speaking to the dead. We're speaking to ourselves." His blog link is here:


Rohit Kumar said...

thank you for sharing this!

Mystic said...

You are always welcome!