Sunday, October 05, 2014

One morning Text

Life is an interesting thing! We get small things unexpectedly and they bring smile to our face. I received this text, first thing in the morning from a friend in far far land - and it brightened my day - just thinking of his state of mind.

"I just realised there is nothing better in the world than good coffee, sex and a book."


Beyond said...

Should have been turned into a bumper sticker;-)

How come it made you smile to think about his frame of mind?

bsc said...

"Book" has always been given such exalted position but now I am thinking there are so many alternatives and after all you can have any book on your iPhone or some similar hand held gadget.
Sex, yes I remember that
Coffee certainly should never be said without the word GOOD, because it is only rare to find a coffee shop/hotel etc. with good coffee

Beyond said...

@ bsc, I will beg to differ. A good book will always have a value no matter what. I see around me libraries still thriving and especially with children who are still interested in reading an actual book. I have kindle which though is great for instant gratification of getting a book. But it is still uncomaparble to a good solid book. I have noticed that white screen of a digital device affects attention span which is a key factor in reading a book.

About coffee, anything addictive is good. Tea drinkers do not give a damn about coffee and vice versa.

Mystic said...

Beyond - it made me smile as I can see he is happy with all 3 blessings and he is feeling it and sharing it with me.

I have to agree with uncle - Good real coffee is not easy to find. No one makes coffee like my mom! But, being a Tea drinker - I rarely give damn to coffee!!

With all 'devices' on my nerves - I really feel guilty of not reading books as much as I should as videos on whatsApp are way more addictive!!!