Thursday, May 07, 2015

Lucky Penny

Main zindagi main jab bhi udas huwa, main ne apne aap se aik hi sawal kiya - aur - mujhey hamesah aik hi jawab mila - Magar Us din kuch thoRa alag huwa

Us din kisii baat pe dil baRa udas tha, to main ne apne aap se wahi swal kiya ke: "Mujhey ab aage kiya kerna chahiyey?" to hamesah ki tarah wahi jawab mila ke: Mujehy imandar hona chahiey".

Magar us din junhi mere dil ne ye jawab diya - train station se bahir aate - merey saamney zameen pe paRi, aik (lucky) penny jajmaga rahi thi

- meri udasi, aik muskurahat main badal gai


bsc said...

Some times back I used to go for a morning walk in my neighborhood. One day it was a b it wet but not raining so I went for a walk. Then in front of house I found a 5$ bill slightly wet. I could not just leave it there so picked it up. Did not want to wake up anybody. Thought for a moment and placed it in that house's mailbox. My presumption was it may have fallen out of pocket/wallet of some person of this house.
Did I do the right thing?

mystic-soul said...

I am sure you did the right thing. Uncle please play some lottery. I never had my chance above lucky dime and you had $5