Thursday, July 23, 2015


In response to my previous post 'Patricia' (here), Uncle Saugoree posted following bio-portrait

" When in UK many years ago I was working in a 'peripheral' hospital "House physicians/surgeons including senior and 'registrars' were mostly "foreigners' except one Englishman. We were all housed in residential quarters with attached kitchen and some food stuff was supplied by the hospital if someone would not like to eat in the hospital doctors dining room. We were served by maids who would sometime also cook for us Indeed some ladies had learned desi "curry" cooking from female Indian doctors (and yes we could get poories). These maids 'served' doctors very well. One of them was elderly but loved us all and sometimes in bad weather someone from us would drive her home when she finished working. Because of her 'devotion' and love we called her "mum" except one Indian doctor who always called her "Mrs. Thrower' (That was her name) and we all would object to his behavior. Just one example of her "motherly attitude" and why we called her "Mum": One evening one of us complained about the poor quality of fruits being served supplied by the hospital. Next day we got good quality fresh fruits on our table. Yes, you guessed it right. Mum bought from her own pocket from the market so that we do not complain any more."

You can read at his blog

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