Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Suqraat ka piyala

Yesterday one friend said a beautiful sentence in between conversation. I am not sure he himself even noticed it, but I loved it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am surround by intellectually dyslexic people

سمجھہ نہیں آتا سقراط کے پیالے میں زہر تھا یا امرت 



bsc said...

Hold your horses Bhai.
Many people speak Urdu but do n\ot understand such things which are classical.
Being a neurologist however I enjoyed your "intellectual dyslexia" statement
BTW the statement quoted is indeed deep deep deep And only Socretes knew what actually he was saying

mystic-soul said...

When his student said: "Teacher we are sorry you are dying for no sin".
He replied: "So do you want me to die with sin?" !!