Sunday, September 20, 2015

Interesting quote

Very interesting observation. Let me put my comment after quote

"WHORES, ANNA ONCE READ, make the very best wives. They are accustomed to the varying moods of men, they keep their broken hearts to themselves, and easy women always ease through grief." ~ From Chapter 3 Jill Alexander Essbaum's “Hausfrau.”

I fully agree with above. Also, man needs to be very careful in cheating or deceiving 'whore turned wife' - as if she turns angry, he may not be able to bear that burnt, or she may ditch him in blink of an eye. 

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Beyond said...

I feel sad for a whore in any case. The term itself is very derogatory towards female gender. There is no male equivalent for men in common language.

The idea that a woman will know men better if she has sold herself physically is revolting. It may be true but paints a very bleak picture of this world.

Why is the idea of marriage so appealing to masses? If a woman is with several men, it is considered a taboo. If she is married to man, all is well. Monogamy makes us very comfortable. Please blog about it doctor, someday.