Saturday, April 08, 2017

Never complain of 7 things

In this fast pace technology with bombardment of audios, videos, articles, news, jokes, poetry etc etc via different apps and media - most of the information just take toll on time, energy and intellect. I am not immune either and try to find my way to adjust through this ride. But once in a while I get something which i feel is worth sharing. Nowadays, viral among Pakistani community is a drama clip, played by Mohammad Qavi Khan. I don't know the name of drama, neither writer nor channel. But it is interesting.  I am blogging to keep it for myself as every morning I delete previous night forwards. I was unable to find youtube link.

He says: Never complain of following seven things.

1. Your Qismat (luck, destiny)
2. Of your elders in front of your children
3. Of quality of  the house if you own it
4. Your parents and teacher
5. Of wife's family in front of her
6. Of  your friends in front of strangers
7. And of your guests, once they leave, to anyone

You don't need to agree but I think it is worth saving.


The Nest said...

adding to it also if you are a house guest not to complain about your host.

mystic-soul said...


Anonymous said...

This is from Pakistan's TV channel "Hum" drama - Alif, Allah aur Insaan.
Mystic Uncle: You may like this drama.

mystic-soul said...

Thank You!