Thursday, May 04, 2017

On Pir Shams Multani - 2

This is an email on one of our previous blog-post: "Bayan Pir Shams Multani Ka" (here)

".... I just wanted to write to you after reading your post on Pir Shams Multani ka Bayan. I belong to the Ismaili faith of Islam. Pir Shams was a very decorated Pir of our faith, who propagated the message of Ismaili sect all across the sub continent. I wanted to tell you that the bayan you mentioned is a Ginan by Pir shams. We firmly believe that Ginans are akin to the ultimate truth as they are just an explanation or clarification of the glorious Quran. Having never visited Multan, or the shrine of Pir Shams, I am quite surprised that people still recite this Ginan (though I am not sure if they recite it to the letter).  I am attaching the link to the Ginan along with its translation.

 Also, here is the different recitation I could find on the University of Saskatchewan site. (Again I don't know if these are the authentic ismaili recitations or not)

... Stay blessed."


bsc said...

Interesting. A taste of Multani Older Panjabi language
I guess Pirs dont 'belong' to any particular "sect" so to say

mystic-soul said...

I agree: God-men don't belong to one sect