Sunday, May 14, 2017

A note on day-to-day living

Ghalib was one heck of a  unique poet, and as Jawed Akhtar said: "Shayer to sirf Ghalib hai, baqi sab shayer ghaliban hain"! His collection is barely made of one deewan with total of only 2500 ashaar, but what made him genius is seeing everyday life from completely different angle. One example is his misrah

Gheesta hai jabeeN khaak pe darya mere aage

Since human history exits, humankind is known to ocean and beach - but how many can find imagination of massive ferocious ocean putting its forehead with submission on sand. 

One sage said: "Any idiot can face a crisis; it’s this day-to-day living that wears you out." (No it was not said by Chekhov). While talking to a friend - following shyr of Ghalib put a new vigor and saroor on my zeal to ride everyday life.

raat din gardish maiN haiN saat AasmaaN
ho rahega kuch na kuch ghabraayaiN kiya


bsc said...

Hamaray shehr men aik shaaer hotay that Allah jannat nasib karay, kuch arsa pehlay fout hoeay
unhoN nay aik bar shaer ki hkoobiwN peh aik nihayat dil awaiz taqrir ki thi jis men zahir kia tha keh shaer kis tareh sochta hay aor kaisay un khiyalat ko asháar men dhalta hay
kash woh tqrir men nay kahin likh li hoti
mera khiya hay Ghalib aor Iqbal jisay shaer kuch "paighambrabah"Khassail rakhtay hen

mehnaz said...
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mehnaz said...

Mystic and uncle;Ghalib is the poet of hearts but I also like Bedil, whose shers are mind boggling n beautiful! I like many of his Farsi verses. He was liked alike by Ghalib n Iqbal!

mystic-soul said...

Indeed as he said: ghalib sareere khaama, nawaye sarosh hai

Mehnaz: let me confess: I never read Bedil