Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Tree of Life!

Before I write anything about this many awards winning movie, let me warn you that this is a painfully (I mean painfully) slow movie and is a kind of an experimental movie. Even it took years for makers of this movie to bring concept in visual form. It is said that Sean Penn was very disappointed with translation of strong script to Screen. I read the first unedited original script on net and I agree with him.

Theme of movie is little complicated in the sense that - there are 2 ways to nourish the tree of life. Either you follow the rules of 'nature' and live a strict life learned via discipline. Other way is to live with 'grace' where you follow the path of love. In the end, writer argues that path of 'love' is the right path.

Plot: Movie rotates around a family of husband, wife and 3 young sons based at Waco, Texas somewhere in 1950s. Brad Pitt is a loving but a strict father. He has his own issues. He love his kids but he believes in strict discipline. He wants them to get prepare against the cruel world. And, in the process he destroys the harmony of whole family, particularly when his older son (Jack) starts hitting puberty and so as rebellion. On other side, Mother tried to raise kids with love and play. Sounds like a typical Indian/Pakistani family back home? (Originally, movie was supposed to be based in India).

So what makes this movie complicated? The abstract use of colors (not computer generated but real use of oil) showing the origin and evolution of life, portraying anger and grief as a burning lava, showing dinosaurs doing an act of grace, symbolic death of older son Jack at age of 19, the psychological journey of a young boy and how childhood experiences linger on till old hood (played by Sean Penn), symbolic use of tree in backyard, symbolic use of resurrection at end when his father realizes his unfairness..........(Juziaat)

The most interesting part (for me) was, when Mother told her daughter-in-laws that: "I gave you my sons"

(MohabbatoN ka safar aage barhta hai).


bsc said...

"I gave you my sons"
Very powerful indeed and I agree with you. Not many Daughters-in-law realize that.

mystic-soul said...

You may like to rent this movie...