Saturday, July 21, 2012

On 'God's Particle' and "Maraqbaye Maut"!

Somewhere in this blog I have described my obssesion, quest and opinion about paranormal stuff.

1996 was one remarkable year. I used to live alone in an apartment in Chicago. Since summer of 1995, I start experimenting with OOB (Out of Body) exercises. There was no Internet (at least for me). I spend hours and hours at Barnes & Noble reading books on its technique. In between, I found a book on "Maraqbaye Maut" (Death Yoga). After few months as my fear start subsiding and I start getting more comfortable - I was able to experience few times "vibes" (shaking of whole body) before astral body get detached from material body. Many time, I floated on roof or went down under the bed - away from my body! and in few instances floated to places which were beyond comprehension. I doubt it was any thing like or near death! It may even be just hypnagogic seizures or pure neuro-psychiatry.

But one thing was for sure - during those moments, I had this extreme wish of not going back into my own body. I sincerely hoped to die. Sense of 'latafat' (lightness) was mind boggling. At least I remember one moment when I saw all my loved ones happily living without me. No! I didn't pass through any tunnel or saw any light as they describe in NDE (Near Death Experience).

I am a very skeptical person. I can't be a spiritual person as I tend to ask for reasoning. Banda banne ke liye janne se ziyada manne ki shart hai. For long time, I scratch my head looking for the explanation on those phenomenons. I strongly believed, there was nothing religious or spiritual about it.

Now this new discovery of God's particle helped me understating this astral body's levitation from body. It explains the release of energy from mass with few mental exercises. If you feel compelled, google it. Its an interesting discovery of science! (here)

(If you want to experience and have fun with OOB - be my guest. But those "Vibes" - shaking of whole body - will cripple your muscles for 2/3 days - or may be I am mayopathic, I guess)

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