Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dying Art of Letter Writing

I was cleaning my some old bags and found many letters written to me (or by me) before the advent of emails! It is unfortunate that art of letter writing is dying. Email can't convey the same emotional depth as a letter witten with ink! But I guess everything has tendency to 'fana'! Once existed the art of carving pictures on walls of caves too!

Following is one of the finest letter from Urdu literature, written by  Chaudhri Mohammed Ali Rodolvi (one progressive writer from All India 1930s time) to his daughter Huma Begum - narrated by great Zia Mohiuddin.

What makes a letter great is always its last line. You will find all in this letter - humor, philosophy, love, emotional and intellectual depth.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to read this letter by muhammad ali rudholvi but it's not displaying. could u please email it to me if possible ( I spent a lot of time searching for it's text.

mystic-soul said...

Irfan, here is the link of book

Go to letter # 29

doc.nudrat said...

m so thnkfullllll to u i hv been serching for his letters collection aftr listening thm in addictive voice of zia.m...u made my day man n all work of ur blog z vry intersting

Zindagi-ki-Diary said...

Dr. Nudrat: Print out the book before link stop working!