Wednesday, July 25, 2012


She was an artist! She was a perfectionist! She married a perfect man! And, She gave birth to a perfect child! She raised her as a perfect daughter! She kept her house perfect! Her kitchen was perfect!

And one day she gave birth to a child with a down's syndrome. It did rattle her from deep inside. Happiness was gone. She was tormented and anguished till depth of her heart. There was no solace. There was no way to reverse it! Nothing was perfect anymore. Depression went beyond post postpartum. No medicine cured it. She became bedridden. She seriously start considering suicide!

 But one day she found a perfect remedy for her problem. She run-away with her perfect child leaving all her imperfections behind!

 Last I saw her husband (not perfect anymore) sitting outside a special school waiting for his kid!

And it is said that she is somewhere in Europe  raising her perfect daughter, married another perfect man, and is learning to make her paintings 'more perfect'.

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