Friday, July 27, 2012

That thing …forever!

I wrote about this young man Rohit from Bombay before on my blog and truly believe on his strength of short story writing. He sometimes remind me of Chekhov.

"He was lying on the floor, resting his both hands back to support his body which would have otherwise fallen down. He scanned around the house looking at the walls and the roof and the floor and the door and the windows. They all look quieter. Quieter than what they all seems a night before this day when they all were filled with the cacophony of their fights, echoing the hate they would spill off on each other. Could it be the suffocation of that hatred which is responsible for what happened – he wondered. He then fixed his eyes on one end of the white sheet, the end opposite to where she was staring at....."

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Rohit Kumar said...

Rohit Kumar

It's a huge honor. I am truly humbled.


mystic-soul said...

You are always welcome...

Please continue to write more often as Kuldeep Nayyar and Krishan Chandar said: "Writing should be done everyday like a meditation"