Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On Bollywood's "Ishqiya" Sequel

After "Ishqiya" (here), I saw its sequel "Dedh Ishqiya" (here) too. They both are well done work, though commercial at core. But the whole concept revolves around one theme:

"Women can be very calculative and manipulative and can make ass out of any man if she wants, on the name of love".

(Ye mard hi hai jo Ishq ka tamancha bajata rehta hai) 


Beyond said...

Oh I just watched dedh Ishqiya. Loved it. Have not watched the Vidya Balan one as I am not a big fan of her. DI was so beautiful. The best part was that the whole film was in Urdu. I loved Arshad Warsi. I am surprised you did not mention the 'lihaf' factor of it.

Mystic said...

"Lihaf" factor..Did I miss something?

In movie, there was a tale of Gay thing, and a little questionable touch of lesbian thing....Is that what you are talking? (Lihaf is a famous short story of Ismat Chughtai in this regard)

(Beyond, I send you an email 2 weeks ago, if that id still exists)

Beyond said...

Oh yeah. I was alluding to that fact. I wonder why Indian media did not talk about it. But I think it was really bold that heroines in Bollywood are getting into this new phase of cinema.
I will check the email right now.

Mystic said...

Trust me, its just a matter of time before Indian actresses start doing topless and lesbian scenes, as there is so much pressure to show more and more wilder sex/skin...