Friday, January 03, 2014

Balon wale Hakeem Baba

Hamare mohalle se 3/4 mohalla chor ker aik Hakeem sahab ka hikmat-khana tha. Hakeem Sahab ko log 'balon wale hakeem baba' ke naam se jaante the - kiunke jab bhi mareez unke paas ja ker bethta, woh nabz se pehle baloN ko haat laga ke check kerte. Unka kehna tha baalon ki 'haiyat' (texture) se sahat ka andaza ho jaata hai.

Ye baat yun yaad aai ke peechli dinOn hospital main aik dermatologist ne lecture main kaha: 'people with healthy hair are usually healthy people and live longer'.


Beyond said...

Bald people should take notice;)

Beyond said...

Doctor sahib. I am in Pakistan at the moment and nobody cares about organic/inorganic issues. You are living in US where I know it is a big deal. Do you have any views on this? I live in UK where it is not as strong as the rest of the EU countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland etc. Sometimes I feel as if it is a new trend for rich people to promote.

Mystic said...

Beyond: Actually, when I was in lecture - somebody asked about baldness. Man pattern baldness is a normal variant of healthy head!

As far as organic food is concerned, I think it matters when it comes to basic food like milk, meat, fruits and vegetables. (But they are so expensive to afford)...Since organic food is overly commercialized, they tend to increase price on everything as one of my friend says: "Soon they will have organic parking too."

Beyond said...

That's funny!
Looking back, i must be half asleep when I was writing those comments. What is the connection between good hair and organic food? I cringed when I reread it.
I heard that in US it is really expensive. I feel( and I may sound snobbish) that it is affordable in Europe. Apparently good quality clothes and shoes are cheaper there than good quality food. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

mystic-soul said...

lol...(I did scratch my head on that before responding)

Actually overall, even when it comes to good quality food, it is cheaper in USA, either fine dining or fresh grocery. Talking specifically about organic food - it is getting cheaper in europe due to endeavor in place via European commision under QLIF project. Also, overall europe has the highest organic farmlands. Americans rely a lot on import in this matter particularly from mexico, who just concentrate on demand by keeping up supply. Even in land, USA farmers are less concerned about "Green" (a kind of Republican mentality).