Sunday, January 26, 2014


On recommendation of one good friend, I went to see movie "her". I will not label this movie as a science fiction, rather it is something which has a very high probability to happen soon in our lives! it's a scary movie!

The way, we humans are getting addicted to our iPhones, androids, tablets, computers and other gadgets - God forbid someday, if we have an operating system or an app. with precise emotional intelligence than what it would be like?

Film is based in a near future (5-7 years ahead?) and revolves around a lonely, relatively sentimental gadget bound guy who lives in a downtown metro area. He is going through a divorce from a woman whom he truly loved. In between via ad. at train station, he bought an operating system with an emotional intelligence and an ability to converse, formed and grow inside a person's psych. It gets interesting as Samantha (computer program) develops sexual desires and later they both develop emotions of love, jealousy and betrayal. Meanwhile this is happening to many other people around him! As movie progress, we learn that how these gadgets can really F*** our minds!

Moral was simple: Gadgets and electronics can't replace human love and we all are walking on a pretty tight rope with iPhone in one arm and our relationships in other arm.

It is a beautiful movie to watch (Rated R). Trailer here

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