Friday, March 21, 2014

Death by Scrabble (Khel)

I recently get introduced to blog of "Rafiullah Mian". It was a pleasure reading his poetry, musings and short stories.

His one short story is a pure masterpiece - and can make a super hit TV play. Outstanding. 5 stars. He reminded me of Agatha Christie. Story is titled "Khel" (Game). It is an interesting story of a husband and a wife who are playing scrabble. Husband hates his wife from all his guts. As they make words on the board of scrabble, events start occurring  in real life, like:

"Suddenly I thought of a word. I can make word EXPLODES from the rack, if I take advantage of letter X from previously made word JINXED. I made word and avail 72 points. As soon as I made word on the board, there was an explosion in the room, and air-conditioning unit of room stopped working".

Climax of the story is worth reading.

His story link is here and blog link is


rafimian said...

I am grateful to you dear, for sharing my Urdu story here on your precious blog. Your appreciating words giving happiness.
Thanks again!

Rida Shahmeer said...

Its amazingly terrifying... :) bohat zabardast....reminds me of movie Jumanjee :)

Mystic said...

Rafi Mian, I think you should get all short stories published in a book form

Rida - Isn't it an absorbing story?

Rida Shahmeer said...

No doubt it is...couldn't get it off of my mind for so long ...creative mind he has got...:)