Monday, March 10, 2014

The LowLand - 3

(Writing this comment as a post from my previous review on Jhumpa Lahiri's 'The LowLand')

I was searching for reviews as I read this beautiful book and read your review. I am not from Pakistan (or India), but from Bangladesh. I lost my only child in University of Dhaka. Years ago, I lost my son when 2 groups of students fought fatal fight on minor issue of who will perform stage drama in famous TSC auditorium on that particular day. My son was killed. Later, we learned one teacher was deeply involved in igniting fight, passing information (making scripts of each other group public) and creating hate to benefit a third group. I lost my son. I got a newspaper heading, police inquiries and life long agony of no sleep of 30 years. There was no history written. There is no mention anywhere in google search.

I wish someday someone ever writes about those teachers who negatively impact out societies. There is no sacred cow anywhere. In novel, Udayan was a teacher, was influenced by a teacher and whole environment in world at that time was political in academics. It was no different from hippie culture in California. But, should teachers be allowed to play politics in sacred institutes of learning? Can someone please write something.

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