Sunday, March 30, 2014

May Allah protect Raza Rumi

I never met Raza but connected to him via blogging. He moved towards tweeting and over time he became a strong voice against fast changing and religiously getting ritualistic obsessed Pakistan. He is more of sufi and tolerant type human. As his voice was getting stronger on tweet, blog and social media,  he was attacked in Lahore and his driver was fatally wounded. Read story below


Beyond said...

You know it is just so annoying how things are in pakistan. There is a huge disconnect between people. So there are people who are politically active etc etc. Which is all good but what is the point of being killed in the end? Look how Tamil separatists have been annihilated in Sri Lanka. How there are no more suicide bombings in Israel as they have put barricades every where. The point is one thinks one can change things but one cannot.

I know I may not be from the lower classes and I have never seen hunger or poverty but I do know this that sometimes in our struggles to bring change, people who have nothing to do with us get targeted. Like the driver in this guys case. Even if the guy had died (God forbid) what difference would that make? So as the Pink Floyd sings, I am comfortably numb.

I thought you did not believe in Allah. What happened:)

mystic-soul said...

Beyond: Thanks for passionate comment. I personally believe Pakistan is a lost cause

And, I am not atheist - I am an agnostic

mystic-soul said...

BTW Beyond: your post reminded me Of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. Revolutions does not do a shit for a common man....

Har saal fail hota hai bachha gareeb ka