Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Akmal's anger

"Dekho Akmal, mere dostoN ki aik lambi qatar hai - magar jitni takleef mujeh tumhe dekh ke hoti hai, kisi aur ko dekh ke nahi hoti. Tum aik achhe aur sachhe insaan ho, parhe likhe ho, professor level ke aadmi ho - magar zindagi se tum itne naraz ho! itne angry ho! kiya wajah hai?"

"I was not like that. I was born in a very loving family in Pakistan. I moved to USA after finishing masters in Pakistan. I have very loving 6 siblings in Pakistan. I worked hard in this country. I did Ph.D. I joined an academic institution. I start earning good money. I built a dream house.  I always loved gardening. I put the best plants in my garden area. First time in my life I drove a car. I start paying off my student loans. I brought my parents to USA. I was a very happy man - an american success story. Then I got married. It was an arrange marriage within community here. But I got married to a wrong person. She was a perpetual cheater. I caught her red handed in my own bedroom not once but three times. We divorced when my son was 2 years old. I lost my house and most of my savings. And, that was OK. I accepted it as a part of life. But, then things starts moving south. I lost my job. I had to move to east coast for a job which pays half of previous but a lot more extra hours. My ex saw this as an opportunity. I lost joint custody. I was given only 2 Sundays a month to see my kid. I was sued again in court by her. My child support and alimony went through the roof.  She found an younger gora boyfriend and made him move in that house. She destroyed my garden and built a gym area for her boyfriend in backyard. Every time I go there, I barely get allowed to see my child for few hours as she tries to keep child away from me as much she can. I don't have money to go back to court and hire an attorney. I lost my father as he died of stress. My mother became a big support. She started catering from home to keep household running, as it costs good amount of money to fly coast to coast, rent a car and hotel every other weekend. But nothing hurts me more than this that my son has been taught to call that gora boyfriend as daddy, and I have been given a name purane abbu! I barely have $50 in my account. I can't even find another woman to marry because I neither have time nor money. Yes I am angry because I feel system is not fair and despite hard work and sincerity I am at the receiving end. It hurts a lot yaar. I die every second inside without my son."

(silence on both side for a long moment)

"Akmal, I am not gonna say to you - what I usually say to everyone: Life is a bitch. Stop complaining. Suck it up. Get up and move on - but - yahi keh sakta hun ke -  agar ye sab sach hai, to khuda kare - kahin koi hisab zaroor hota ho."

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Anonymous said...

The system definitely needs to change.Dua Akmal ke liye.