Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dr. Garcia

Dr. Garcia was a trauma surgeon in hospital where I did my residency. I had few professional interactions with him while in training but I had seen him many times smoking cigarette outside trauma ER while awaiting trauma to arrive. Few times he sat down with his tray in cafeteria with us and it was obvious he loved hot dogs and all junk food. He was known for his aggressive style, high clinical acumen-ship, sense of humor and above all his handsome personality. He was tall, fully bearded and well built. 3 years passed by, I finished my residency and moved on with my life.

5 years later I had to go back to my hospital to get some papers done. From parking lot I had to take a walkway bypassing rehab. and long term nursing facility. I was shocked to see Dr. Garcia sitting on wheel chair watching traffic from glass of walkway. He was completely disheveled. His hair was turned gray. He had lost half of his weight and apparently most muscle mass was gone. He face and eyes were drooped to one side, telling me he had major stroke.

As I finished my work, I met Pradeep who was from Bomaby, was my junior resident and now was senior fellow. I asked Pradeep: "Ye Dr. Gracia ko kiya huwa?"

Pradeep in his classic Bombay style told me: "Mar gaya tha sala, ER ke bahir collapse ho gaya. Aadha ghanta CPR chala. 'hypothermia protocol' se bach to gaya magar stroke ho gaya hai. Kesa handsome hero aadmi tha, aik dum finish ho gaya yaar".

"Bad habits?"

"Are bad habits to bahana hai.....Biwi se bohat piyar kerta tha. 20 saal se married tha. Piyar biwi se kerta tha aur poora din rehta hospital main tha....ER ke bahir khara tha jab divorce ke papers mile. Wahin collapse ho gaya. .... Meri aik baar is ke saath rotation thi, to mere ko bolta tha..'Biwi achhi honi chayye. Biwi achhi ho, piyar kerne wali ho to aadmi saari dunya se lar sakta hai'....... Sale ki battery biwi main thi, aur biwi bhag gayi.."

I didn't know what to say to Pradeep. I cut short my trip and took my rent-a-car to Ohare to fly back home!


bsc said...

I come to your blog less frequently, my apologies. This is so sad about Dr. Garcia but even if it is not all for his love for wife there is lesson. I think we (men) should not depend too much on our wives although some support is absolutely essential for daily work and enhancing its quality. However a lighter side quote promed me to make you feel better
دنیا میں جتنے بھی نیک مرد ہیں عورت کی وجہ سے ہیں
کچھ بیوی کے خوف سے -- کچھ حوروں کے شوق سے

mystic-soul said...

Uncle - it was an interesting, rather a true quote - I think!