Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Nothing major! Just a cycling of life. I had a barrage of bad news in last few days one after another. Reminded me an old sentence of my one friend:

"Life is like a group sex where whoever gets chance f*** the other person per his motive."

After long time, I can't stop saying this verse of Faiz

Halqa kiye bethe raho is shamaa ko yaaro!
Kuch roshni baqi to hai, har chand  ke kum hai

One news was killing of my friend Dr. Raza Haider (pic below) in Karachi here. 2 weeks earlier one of my senior Dr. Shaukat Nayani was killed here. Another very close friend get diagnosed of lymphoma....and .... the most unusual.... was suicide attempt by one of my friend whom I always admired for his courage. There were other few bad events which can't be share on blog.

Bulke shayed  -  Gul karo shamaiN, barha do mai-o-meena-ayyagh

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