Sunday, April 20, 2014

A rare gem of Urdu literature

Following verse of Urdu is from a Gora poet know as Isfaan - which may have come from Stephen or Stevens. His Parents were English but he was born in Dilli and lived all his life there. He was described as french by Ram Babu Saksena in his book  'A History of Urdu Literature' (here). What is intriguing is that he lived in 18th century and died in 1802. It is hard to comprehend that a gora in that period having such closeness with budding language of Urdu. There is no formal collection of his work but this sher is described.

     خط کا یہ جواب آیا کہ لکھا جو کبھی پھر خط
     کر ڈالوں گا اک  دم میں تیری آن کے پرزے

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