Saturday, May 31, 2014

Your love language?

Lately I was very busy working and travelling. One friend complaint that I am not answering his calls, texts and emails - and I am not that old friend as before! It reminded me of famous book by Gary Chapman "The five love languages". Every human eventually fall into one category

  1. receiving gifts, - You feel loved by getting gifts
  2. quality time, - you feel loved if someone spend time with you
  3. words of affirmation, - you like to get acknowledgement 
  4. acts of service,  - you feel loved if someone do stuff for you 
  5. physical touch - you feel loved by hugs and cuddling
My love language is 'words of affirmation'. My friend's love language is probably 'quality time'. You can check your love language here or here


Beyond said...

I think its interesting perspective to observe between a man and a woman. A man will go for a bit of a ego boost so he will want acknowlegment for his actions. A woman will want an emotional connection so she will want time and attention.

Btw, can one take 2 options? I am torn between 2 & 5:-)

Mystic said...

Beyond: I am sure many people would end up in mix categories - and not surprise at all if women end up in 'receiving gifts' and 'quality time' together...... :)