Friday, August 01, 2014

An extended meaning of "Halal"

I have an interesting maulvi friend. He has one foot long beard. But comfortably, he can sit in a bar with all gora friends sipping orange juice, discussing cirrhosis. (Not to mention, once he tried to convince a stripper to consider hijab while taking a lap dance!)

Few days ago, we went to a restaurant. I ordered my favourite 'medium done rib eye steak". My maulvi friend informed me that in restaurants steaks taste very yummy because in farms they castrate bulls (cutting testicles), which make bulls chubby and end result is yummy steaks due to high fat. And then he made an interesting statement: "Halal does not only mean to eat an animal who is koshered with God's name but also include animals who are properly and rightfully reared and grazed before Qurbani".

Aur main sochta raha - is defination se kitne log Halal khate honge?


bsc said...

Good for your Maulavi friend. Not suggesting it is wrong but to my mind "tasmia" (saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar) is the most important part of 'halal for eating Other things necessary are, no haram animals or dead before qurbani etc. As for these things how the animal is raised/treated etc. we have no access to info so we consider that as 'recommendation' but I would not go round evry meat shop or resturant questioning about this . It is our duty as Muslims to encourage such things including "tasmia" I have lot more to say but will stop here. Allah aapka bhala katay

mystic-soul said...

Uncle, I agree - for us "tasmia" and goof niyyat should be enough...