Thursday, August 28, 2014

House and Woman (Wajoode-Zan)

(Following email is from a dear friend and I think its worth sharing)

"....Every house needs a woman. A woman can survive without a man if she has kids but a man cannot survive without a woman even if he has kids. I checked out a house when I was house hunting and there was this guy with three kids. And the house was perfectly fine but it was obvious that no woman lives there. It was almost grey and I am not even kidding. And I told the owner that as well. With all the headache woman brings to one's life, she also brings all colors to life. As Iqbal said: Wajoode-Zan se hai tasveere kaainat main rang..."


Beyond said...

Headache! Woman? What on earth are you talking about:-)

You must have some tumultuous experiences in life, doctor.

Mystic said...


bsc said...

No "beyond" Iqbal was right
In my thirty years of practice as a neurologist I saw "disabled people" plenty but the most remarkable observation was that there was a 'woman' for every disabled person (mostly men I saw) a GF or wife ex-wife sis or mother. That is quite apart from what Iqbals line is saying or what is seen in the part of the blog