Sunday, September 07, 2014

Gareeb ki lori

"Gangs of Wasseypur" (almost 6 hours long) was one of the finest movie ever made in Bollywood if it comes to crime cinema. How poverty, ego, self respect, greed and power mix with crime is beautifully depicted in the movie. Following song from movie touched me deeply as it says poor man's lullaby. This movie is very near to my heart as growing up in lower middle class neighborhoods of Karachi, I have seen many young lives succumb to gangs of political parties. Many lunar months when moon is getting near its glory, I think of this song

"Ek bagal main chand hoga, Ek bagal main rotian
Ek bagal main neend hogi, Ek bagal main lorian
Hum chand pe roti ki chadar Daal ker so jaayain ge
Aur neend se keh dain ge, lori kul sunane aayain ge"

In one armpit carrying moon, and in other armpit bread
In one armpit carrying sleep, and in other lullabies
We will spread bedsheet of bread on moon and would sleep (soundly)
and would tell sleep, lets do lullaby tomorrow"

Link for folks who don't have access to youtube:

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