Saturday, September 27, 2014

On one 'Irresponsible comment'

Few days back I was watching desi channel with one of my uncle. As we were watching news of horrific floodings in Pakistan, my uncle said: "Kiya tabahii aayi hai". I irresponsibly commented: "Such country deserve to be drowned".

That night I dreamt that my hometown in America is in flood and our local community is trying to put sand bags. Despite their warning, I drove my car - with my 2 kids in it -  into standing water and now my car is submerged into standing water. As I can see sky from my sunroof, I try to open it but now all doors are locked. I see myself freaking out and panicking. Fear was so intense, I woke up from dream with sweats and heartbeat going into atrial fibrillation. Suddenly, I recalled my irresponsible comment.

I sat on the bedside, drank a glass of water and sincerely asked for forgiveness from all mighty. I felt some peace in my heart, went to bed and slept for 10 more hours.


bsc said...

I am glad you realized your fault and asked for forgiveness from Allah SWT. I feel the same way sometimes about Pakistan but soon I know my kith and kin are there and
"apna hay phir bhi apna"
So I refrain from such thoughts.

Beyond said...

I don't know how can you say that someone deserves something horrible unless that someone is pure evil. Common man is usually clueless about state of government anyway.

I also do not understand how can you sleep for 10 hours, doctor. That is something:-)

Mystic said...

Beyond: I was told, eventually we all sleep for ever. - BTW, I regularly sleep 9 hours! (Don't be jealous)