Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ducklings vs. Stairs

In this era of internet and "devices", everyday we get bombarded with tons of info and videos. I received following video couple of days ago. As I forward it to my friends, one friend responded by saying: "I am surprised how mom didn't  help anyone n they all struggled n succeeded". I responded: "That is the whole point. Mom was calm. Nature is amazing. Mom knew in her heart, that's the way ducks learn. Note: she stayed till last one climbed the stairs".

We don't appreciate but we live, breath and exist in the infinite world of wonderful mother nature.

 (If YouTube is block in your country, just Google it. Its all over)


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bsc said...

The mother watches patiently to see the kids learn by repeated attempts.We humans feel 'pain' seeing our children facing difficulties, but that is the difference perhaps.
Yes there is lesson to be learned here