Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mard aur Aurat

(Following sentiment is expressed to me by a man while in travel. I don't agree with it in its entirety but have seen this happening often in my life).

"Agar Mard ghar main aurat se ziyada kasab kerta ho to kafalat ke saroor main zindagi guzarne lagta hai - Aur agar aurat ghar main mard se ziyada paise kamana lage to garoore-hakmiyat main mubtala ho jaati hai".


Beyond said...

You seem anti feminist, doctor! (I hate the word but have to use it for the lack of better term).

Do you think religion has placed a man a notch above than woman because it understands a man's need to dominate?

mystic-soul said...

I just put my observation here