Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bagi Lounge

Out of my most mind blowing, notorious and out of norm experience in life was "Bagi Lounge".

Few years back, I was introduced to a group of mature Pakistani people who were highly professional, widely read and successful in their real lives but unsatisfied with their inner selves due to conflicting religious beliefs or were exhausted from their responsibilities or were not sure about the whole 'gorakh dhandha' of this 'chutiya fucking life' (as said by my most favorite Dr. Rehman and founder of the club). Either they were burned from failed relationships or were unhappy in their present relationships. They were too liberal to move in conservative Pakistani community. Idea was picked up from famous novel at that time "The DaVinci Code". They have rented a huge furnished house in one of the quiet suburb of town. Each member has key to the house. They contributed more or less equal amount of money to run the club on regular basis. Whoever and whenever one feels down, can go and relax at the said house named "Bagi lounge". They were one of the most nonjudgmental people I ever come across. At that time, they were about 25 people which included both men and women. Sometime you will find no one there and sometime there will be 10 to 12 people at one given time. They will sit together, joke together or share their writings and frustrations with each other. Lot of food, alcohol, cigarette, dirty jokes and porn was a norm. You can say whatever you want. You can cry or laugh as you desire - or can hang out just doing nothing. Sometime I drove there at 2 in the morning and found Dr. Aseer reading his poetry all alone under influence of alcohol (BTW no one was allowed to drive under influence) or at 12 noon found Nomana (A Real Estate tycoon in city) dancing on song "Raqs zanjeer pahen ker bhi kiya jata hai". Couple of time arguments broke out on political ground and couple of people left but overall it was a smooth affair. They never did anything ever illegal or even unethical. My biggest surprise was to meet a clergyman of a mosque there who was not happy with his childhood religious beliefs. There was a pair of one brother and sister and one of husband and wife. There was an one interesting character, a professional athlete who always talked about building muscles and its direct relationship to durability of man-woman relationship. Apart from exceptions, due to high level of addictive intellectual conversations and sarcasms, I developed very deep friendships with many people there, particularly with one married woman, nick named Uzzi, who was Masters in English literature but now was just a housewife. We almost slept together but at last moment saved by her emergent move to other city for family reasons.

After few months, as I was getting tired of the said group and was thinking of leaving the group, we learned Professor (in education) Noorani met a huge traffic accident. She has just gone through a very dirty divorce and was left responsible to raise 3 daughters. She was in hospital (and later in Rehab.) and was devastated with loss of income and support. I was just amazed - how every one pull together and helped her out in every way to get back to normal life. Later on, one day I expressed to Dr. Aseer my appreciation of group for whatever everybody did for Dr. Noorani. He said: "Agar tum ne Victor Hugo ka novel 'HunchBack of Notre DaM' parha hota, to jaante ke, asal rishte khoon ke nahi magar woh hote hain jo diloN se bante hain". It took a long time for me to learn that lesson.

After few months I quietly left key of the house on table and left the lounge.  I never inquired back and no one told me anything as it was forbidden to talk of lounge in public.

I do sometime miss and crave beautiful time I had at "Bagi Lounge".


bsc said...

Interesting, indeed
I wish I had one group but instead I have a couple of friends or strictly speaking one single friend with whom I can have all that talk/relationship including all you have related about the guftgoo but minus the alcohol
I will spend a lot to have a time with him because there is nobody else in the whole wide world with whom I can enjoy that

mystic-soul said...

We all need one good friend beside our spouse, children and family.