Monday, March 02, 2015

On "Fall of Rajesh Khanna" (Kaka)

(At the end I just tagged my most favorite song picturized on him at his peak)

It is said that no man ever won as many women's heart in Bollywood as Rajesh Khanna (aka Kaka). His wedding in Bombay with Dimple Kapadia was a fairy tale as people stands in line for miles and miles to have one glimpse of bride and groom. But his story has a sad end when he fall pretty steep from his fame and never recovered, complicated by drinking and liver cancer. People blame arrival of Amitabh as an angry young man who reflected emotions of a common Indian man but many blame RK's arrogant personality for his fall. As Salim Khan (Indian script writer) famously said on him: " ‘...success has destroyed more people than failure will ever do’. Recently someone gave an interesting comment on him. It led me to think that "Insan ke bachpan ka khauf shayed kabhi nahi marta".

"RK's success wasn't the reason for his behavior. He never was the kind of person who grew arrogant because of the money. This guy when came for his first movie rode in an impala, he was super rich before joining industry. He was just very very aloof, He was adopted by his relatives and was not raised by his biological parents and this pained him all his life. He was a classic case of being brought up feeling neglected and thus was emotionally detached and when he became successful and independent , started drinking and all. Anyways, no person has enjoyed the kind of popularity and fan following that RK did".

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Beyond said...

Oh he was so, so handsome. His eyes always had a strange heart wrenching emotions. They always seems teary to me. I was gutted when he died although he was on the top much before my time. I have not seen many of his movies but his songs were immortal. Amar Prem was so sad. His life was tragic.