Wednesday, April 06, 2016

On "Knot theory and intelligent design"

When in microbiology, I was introduced to knot theory, it was a whole new spectrum of the conceptual world. Mathematicians and microbiologists, work together to understand the untieing of the knot of DNA strings, as bacterias are way smarter than humans to tie, untie, cross and uncross DNA strings in a very organised fashion.

Whenever, I think of knot theory and DNA strings, I can not stop thinking that such an immense work of organised art of knotting at microcellular level can't be an accident. The probability of  creation as an intelligent design is way higher than an accident of fusion.

As Muzaffar Warsi famously said : koi to hai jo nizame hasti chala raha hai

In case, if you are interested in fourth dimension and knot theory etc., watch the following presentation of Mathematician-comedian Matt Parker - 13:30 to 34.30 - His whole book is worth reading.

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