Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One Turkish painting

Nothing was accidental when I visited the land of Ustad Rumi! Our flight from Istanbul landed at Kayseri airport very late. It was past 12 midnight. Our Van driver in darkness lost his way and on top of it van breakdown in the middle of nowhere. It was already 3 AM. We decided to sleep in van till dawn. In the morning, we walked to a nearby village. It was a small roadside hotel. Owner fed all 4 of us free knowing we are Pakistanis and are lost. I saw this painting on the wall and it took me over. I stand there looking at it for 5 minutes. As we finished our trip and were back in Istanbul, this painting continues to occupy my mind. As Rumi said: "What you seek is seeking you"! A night before our flight, We decided to take a walk on a small street nearby blue mosque. It was a very small store. It was invisible as the store was down in the basement. I walked down stairs thinking of buying something as a souvenir and saw this painting staring right at my face. I bought it. 

This painting depicts Turkish lifestyle and culture. White and black males talking casually in simple clothing in a store sitting on a carpet, chappal, Tea, Sheesha, a sword, a gun. It is just beautiful!


Beyond said...

Friends.... They seem so relaxed.

mehnaz said...

It has a certain old world charm to it.

mehnaz said...
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